About Our Association

Ikorodu Progressives Association UK

Established in 2020, the Ikorodu Progressives Association UK is a renowned, focus-driven organisation of indigenous people of Ikorodu town, Lagos, Nigeria, who reside in the UK. A prestigious association of like-minded, compassionate individuals who shared genuine humanitarian convictions.

The Association desire to promote the interest and welfare of one another, to unite towards protecting our members’ interests, to coordinate and intensify efforts in ensuring effective dialogue, principally for the promotion of humanitarian and charitable objectives; and also to foster the economic, social and welfare of our members and their families in the UK as well as the development of Ikorodu Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

The adverse effect of the social and economic hardship brought upon the society by the Covid-19 global pandemic had not only prompted our enormous domestic humanitarian response but had also promoted the furtherance of our humanitarian causes beyond the pandemic, with sole objectives of continuing our charitable mission; by providing supports perhaps giving back to the society, within the context of a committed and reputable organisational structure. This phenomenon also established the need for more philanthropic movement such as ours, rising up to these humanitarian challenges, that is currently plaguing many spheres of life.

The Founders' Story

It was a gloomy spring-time moment, unsettled society wrapped with the saddening impact of global Covid-19 pandemic; a group of indigenous sons of Ikorodu Town, who live in the United Kingdom, namely, Mr Adetayo .S. Jaiyesinmi, Alhaji Babajide .O. Ogunneye(Ibuowo), Mr Ahmed .O. Disu, Mr Suraju .O. Onibudo, Mr Tunde Olatunji-Shopeyin, Mr Oluwanisola .O. Disu and Mr Hakeem .A. Lawal, engaged in some casual discussions, focusing on the extent of Covid-19 pandemic hardships. The outcome of these discussions established their desire to invest in humanitarian relief, to address some of the hardships of Covid-19 pandemic; with particular attention to the people of Ikorodu town, home and abroad and humanity in general.

The plight of the socio-economic devastation resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic thus triggered the uncommon, collective humanitarian efforts, by these brothers in alleviating some of these human hardships.

The strength of the planned Covid-19 relief package mission and looking beyond the global pandemic, charitably speaking, led to further subsequent meetings; that paved way for the founding of Ikorodu Progressives Association UK.

Aims & Objectives

The core objectives of the Association are outlined:

  • The promotion of all social, cultural, educational and welfare activities of our members.
  • The promotion of humanitarian causes that will impact the health, education and socio-economic lives of our members.
  • Seeking to promote and sustain the unity and cooperation of the Ikorodu Town indigenes, resident in the UK.
  • Assertion and protection of members’ rights in all aspects of life.
  • Initiating charitable projects to improve the communal living standards of Ikorodu town and the UK communities.
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Structure
  • Our Governing Document

We are on a mission to improve the welfare state of our members, home and abroad; by promoting their social and economic integration, supporting charitable causes and initiating development projects which would be of immense benefit to them.

Desiring to promote the qualitative well-being of humanity.

The governing structure of the Association shall be:

The General House

The General House shall be composed of the members of the Association sitting at the general meetings or any special meeting for which the purpose is to discuss matters affecting the Association affairs.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council is the administrative organ, in charge of the day to day running of the Association affairs.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Assistant General Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Financial Secretary
  7. Public Relations Officer
  8. Welfare Officer
  9. Social Affairs Secretary
  10. Chief Whip

The Standing Committees

Permanent or Ad-hoc.

The Standing Committee shall be constituted to carry out specific tasks on behalf of the Executive Council.

  • Membership/Disciplinary Committee
  • Social/Welfare Monitoring Committee
  • Projects Development Committee
  • Finance/ Benefits/Audit Committee
  • Advisory Committee

The Association's governing documents shall be classified as follow:


The Constitution as the supreme governing document shall take precedence in all matters to which it relates and shall form the nucleus of our rules and regulations etc., and to that extent constitute the principal document which takes precedence over all other sources.

View Constitution

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct, as the code of ethics shall establish the framework for governing the Association's internal businesses e.g. meetings, disciplinary procedures, financial responsibilities, welfare responsibilities; the external affairs e.g. outings and social engagements, as well as the general conduct of members.

Why Join Us

The benefits of joining our Association include but not limited to the following: